During nursery and pre-school your children are constantly exploring new things, and we believe that it’s important to continue this development at home. It’s amazing how technology is advancing and now, our children are becoming so used to devices such as iPads and iPhones.

This kind of technology has provided us with another interactive platform for our children to learn from while having fun! If you have a smart device, such as an iPhone or iPad, there are plenty of fantastic apps out there to help with your child’s learning development.

My First 101 Words (iOS – £1.49)

This app is perfect for toddlers and helps them with their first words. It’s more interactive and rather than using just text and narration, it incorporates video.

Starring a little boy and girl, each word is demonstrated through video clips. The great thing about this app is that you can replay each word and shuffle them around.

Tozzle Puzzle (iOS – £1.49)

Tozzle Puzzle is a big hit with toddlers for its bright animations and fun puzzles. The puzzles are based on themes that toddlers are bound to enjoy while learning the basics, such as animals or shapes.

To ease your toddler in, the puzzles start off with simple shapes and then progress into more difficult designs. To build confidence, the game prompts your toddler, so they’ll always be able to complete a puzzle!

Justin’s World: Goldilocks and the Three Bears (iOS – £2.99)

You’ll probably agree that CBeebies star Justin Fletcher is a household name among parents! He now has a fantastic fairytale app based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, turning the tale into a fable about tidying up and helping. It incorporates light educational themes and is very interactive, including video and engaging imagery.

The Letter Monster (iOS & Android – £2.29)

This is a brilliant app for all pre-schoolers and a super fun way to help your little ones get to know their letters. It stars a loveable sea-monster who wants to gobble up letters. It’s both educational and fun for your little one and they’ll enjoy dragging the letters and feeding the hungry sea-monster!

Zoo Train (iOS & Android – £1.49)

Zoo Train is lots of fun for pre-schoolers and includes five different learning games. It also includes sticker awards to motivate your little learners, which is great for building their confidence.

It features two kid favourites – animals and trains! It’s full of playful animations and music to engage your little one, keeping them entertained. The app will also allow your child’s creativity to flourish by letting them build their own trains.

At Little Shipmates, developing in a fun environment is a priority to us and we encourage interactive learning as much as possible. If you’d like your child to thrive, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll happily show you our excellent facilities.

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