At The Little Shipmates Family, food and nutrition is a priority for us and we understand the impact they have on your little one’s development. We have our own lovely, on-site cooks, who provide healthy, tasty meals for your children and our menus are balanced, varied and guaranteed to provide your child with the daily nutrition they need.

If your child has individual needs or special dietary requirements, we can cater for them and take precautions with allergies. Our menus are carefully thought out to make sure your little shipmate is happy and healthy, with a positive attitude to food.

As a parent, you play a crucial role in ensuring your little one eats healthily, helping to give them a positive start in life. However, sometimes it’s not easy getting your child to eat nutritional meals and it can be quite stressful.

We’ve gathered a few healthy eating tips for children that you could try at home.

Try to eat together as a family

Dining with your child as a family will encourage them to eat. This may not be a possibility every mealtime, but try to do it often. Children often mimic their parents, so try to eat the same foods as your child and it will encourage them to follow suit.

Be positive

Although it can be trying, stay positive, as your mood will make more of an impact than you think and your child will respond to this. Make positive comments when eating with your child, like ‘yummy’ as these comments will encourage your child and they’ll be more inclined to try!

Make mealtimes fun!

Remember, your child is full of imagination, so make their mealtimes fun! You can make food relatable to them and what they like. For example, you could call broccoli, ‘mini trees’ or call spinach ‘Popeye’s superhero power’. You could also use cookie cutters to make fun shapes out of foods like sandwiches. Doing this will hopefully intrigue them to eat more.

Involve your child

Your child wants to get involved, so why don’t you encourage them to help you when you’re shopping or set the table? Children enjoy tasks and feeling like they’ve achieved something. Letting them play their part is a brilliant way to give them a sense of accomplishment. These things will encourage your child to have a positive attitude towards their food and mealtimes.

Praise your child

Praise is so important for your child, in all aspects. It helps with their self-esteem, confidence and their attitude. When your child eats well, praise them, as they will respond positively to this, encouraging them to eat more.

To see the information for each of our nurseries, as well as sample menus, please click the links below:

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