We have been working hard to create our brand new website and blog, ensuring you can find all the information you need about our nurseries! We will be providing a variety of topics about childcare as well as the latest news about what’s going on at our day nurseries.

Born in 2000, The Little Shipmates Family started out as one nursery in Hythe, 14 years on, our family now consists of four day nurseries:

Little Shipmates

Little Shipmates Nursery is located in Hythe and has its very own chef! It’s considered to be a proper home away from home.


Starfish nursery is in Fareham and has its own preschool, breakfast and afterschool club. You can find out more here.


Based in Southampton city centre, Sunrise nursery has ties with Southampton City College to assist students who may be looking for nursery care.


The newest of the 4 nurseries, Explorers is in Nursling and lets children really explore with a purpose built nursery and large outdoor space!

 Benefits of day care

Some parents are still unsure about the benefits of day care, and whether sending their child to nursery is the right thing to do. We have gathered just a few of the benefits of placing your child into a day nursery.

1. Cost

A major benefit of day nursery care is the cost. It works out much cheaper than hiring a nanny or au pair. Better yet, all three and four year olds in the UK are entitled to 10 hours of free education for 38 weeks. There are also lots of other funding options to help you and your family with childcare. Check out our funding assistance page.

2. Trained staff

Our nursery staff are fully trained to create safe, engaging environments for children. Staff will be able to constantly examine your child’s development and provide a positive, stimulating atmosphere to help his or her growing skills.

3. Activities

Day nurseries will get all children involved in lots of activities. These could include story time, games, painting, singing, and imaginative play, to name a few. Activities are designed to help your child learn new things and give them the support they need – preparing them for the next chapter in their life.

4. Socialise

Toddlers can greatly benefit from socialising with other children in the same age group. At nurseries, not only will children learn to socialise with one another in group activities but also one-to-one with staff members. This means all children can begin to develop their social skills effectively.


Parents often have trouble ensuring their child eats a well-balanced nutritious meal. Our menus are designed to provide all the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow up to be happy, healthy children.

If you think you and your child could benefit from attending one of our nurseries please contact us today to discuss your options.

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